Tree of Education


So what is TRACE?
A new program to get people back into the workforce no matter where they are located in Missouri/Kansas.

For over ten years, Warehouseman Training Inc. has been training ex offenders here in the KC Area. We have an amazing record in getting students hired in the warehousing field. There are very few educational programs that offer real forklift training in Missouri/Kansas. WTI has decided to expand into other areas to replicate this program in active markets that could benefit from this training. WTI will obtain housing for the two weeks they are in the classroom. Once the student has graduated the program they will go back to their home with a CWMH Certificate, OSHA-10 Safety Certificate and Power Industrial Truck License.

How this program will work
First, go to the REGISTRATION page and fill out the form .
Second, we will contact you and determine who the best sponsor for you to qualify with.
Third, Then we will work with you and that sponsor to get Grant funding.
Fourth, once approved by Your Sponsor, you will start in the next class.

Our programs covers the following:
1. Transportation to and from KC and your home town. If you have your own vehicle we will reimbuse for fuel.

2. Housing in KC while in training. If you have family in the KC area you can stay with them.

3. Meals - Lunch is served at the school, Breakfast and Supper will be supplimented.

4. Transportation (city bus pass) to use to and from the training facility or reimbuse fuel for personal vehicle use.

5. Training Program Cost.

Another request is during the approval process you start looking around at potential job locations you would like to apply to. This information will be used during the HR class for you employment book.

If you have any other questions about the program you can email us using the "Contact" page. Or, you can call us at 816-216-6075 M-F 8am-4pm.